Flyer used long ago to incite white discontent against social programs that may benefit poor persons. It isn’t all that surprising that the same tactics are used today— you hear things like ‘Food Stamp President‘ from Mr. Gingrich and other negative terms that by design, target and isolate a particular group to falsely label them as moochers and takers.
Mitt Romney‘s comments re: the now infamous 47% has caused much debate and controversy but was anyone surprised? The only thing that surprised me was that the catering staff wasn’t patted down for hidden cameras or wires. Romney merely echoed the sentiments of rich persons before him. Throughout history, rich white men have successfully divided the people by casting dissidents as trouble-making freeloaders looking to capitalize off the hard work of others.
Public speaker Tim Wise spoke of this (see above) during one of his talks regarding white privilege and tactics used to divide and create the ‘white race‘ as poor immigrants entered the country to mingle with black workers/sharecroppers→ who were somehow ‘taking all the jobs’ that rich men hired them to do for paltry wages. Often times, zero wages. Mind you, he isn’t the first to share some of these things but somehow, people are more willing to listen when the speaker isn’t some angry black man or woman who likes pulling the race card. I’m smirking. Painfully.

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